Deepika, Varun and Alia’s working out videos will make commoners cry in distress!


Fitness goals! LOL!

The biggest thing that makes us crush on celebs is that how-oh-sweet-lord gorgeous they look. Then there’s us mango people (aam aadmi), assemble lined by God’s factory. Yea yea…everyone is beautiful and all that. But these celebs are just a lil more hot. Just saying! You’d expect, for some sadistic pleasure, your favourite celebs to stop looking so good while working out, making hideous faces, sweating, panting- but NO. These F**kers have to look gorgeous EVERYWHERE! Even in gym, while working out. Hot looks plus fitness goals, life is already hard, and our celeb idols just have to make it harder by setting standards and benchmarks. Gymming is hard. What kind of a masochist would laugh and smile while working out but look at these two Nargis Fakhri and Hrithik Roshan smiling while working out like they are in f**kin’ Disneyland.

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