Himesh Reshammiya is Now Officially Divorced!

Bollywood Gossips

Indian vocalist and on-screen character, Himesh Reshammiya and his significant other of 22 years, Komal, were conceded separate by the Bombay High Courts yesterday (sixth June 2017).


It was already guessed that their separate was because of his expanding closeness to TV on-screen character Sonia Kapoor, yet the couple has disproved this talk. Remarking on the separation, the artist stated, “Once in a while in life shared regard turns out to be most essential and giving due regard to our relationship Me and Komal have genially chosen to go separate ways lawfully as a couple and there is no issue at all with this choice among us and our family as each individual from the family have regarded our choice but then Komal is and will dependably remain a piece of our family


Komal additionally included, “I and Himesh totally regard each other and are together running with this choice to go separate ways legitimately yet shared regard will dependably be there between us as I am a piece of his family and will dependably be, and the same is with him towards my family There are similarity issues in our marriage yet we regard each other monstrously. No one else ought to be dragged into this matter and no one else is in charge of this and the explanation behind our marriage not working is just and just similarity. Sonia is not in charge of this at all and our child Swayam and our family cherishes Sonia simply like a relative.” Sources say that post-separate, Komal will keep on living in a similar building where Himesh lives and they will co-parent their child.

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