Neerja Controversy: Producer Atul Kasbekar BREAKS his Silence

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Earlier this week, news broke that Neerja Bhanot’s family was planning to sue the filmmakers for not honouring their commitment of sharing 10% of box office collections with the Neerja Bhanot Trust. When questioned about the accusation, Aneesh Bhanot said that the family won’t accept injustice and he refused to divulge any further information, stating that his lawyers would speak when necessary.

Fast forward to this day, the film’s producer, Atul Kasbekar has come forward to clear the air and refute the allegation made by the Bhanot family. He took to Facebook to share his version of the truth which stated that the Bhanot family was offered their share of the profits, but they apparently refused to accept it. Take a look at the clarification:



Now that we have both sides of the story, we have to further wait to find out what the Bhanot family has to say in reply to Atul’s clarification.

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