Ramadan 2017: Iftar Review at Bombay Brasserie


Get ready to be driven on a regal voyage at Nuskha e Shah Jahani, an extraordinary Iftar menu curated by culinary specialist Jitin Joshi at Bombay Brasserie, Taj Dubai for the Holy Month of Ramadan. Presently, Bombay Brasserie has dependably guided cleared from the dynamic course, adhering to conventional Indian food so we thought about how distinctive could this one be from their customary menu. Be that as it may, the two hour travel we enjoyed, with Chef Joshi supportively playing nourishment and history guide, was instructive and flavorful in the meantime.


What I loved the most was the enumerating that went in creating the menu that offers tribute to the kinds of the antiquated Mughal Empire. On the off chance that this was the nourishment that was being served in Shah Jahan’s courts, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Indian food is viewed as one of the wealthiest and most refined on the planet!

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