Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif… Who is Bollywood’s Most Desirable Woman?

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She’s smart, she’s fun and she’s successful. The gorgeous Sonam Kapoor has been single for a long while now. At least that’s what she claims though the tabloids have been linking her to a certain Anand Ahuja, an entrepreneur. Anand who?, you may ask Sonam but the Neerja actress won’t tell for she is one of the many diplomatic queens of Bollywood who zips up when asked to reveal their love lives. Sonam’s most desirable quality, aside from her gorgeous looks, is her chutzpah and spunk. She is candid, gives honest opinions (even if it ruffles feathers every now and then) so be prepared for some no-holds-barred conversations. She may come across as high maintenance but make no mistake, she isn’t the kind to depend on a man to get her her Guccis and Pradas! Sonam is also extremely well-informed and a social media darling, so if you dream of dating her, be ready to share her with her Instagram and Twitter accounts!  An independent woman, Sonam is extremely vocal when it comes to issues close to her heart and isn’t afraid to fight for what she thinks is right. She has admitted she wants a guy who talks beyond films so be rest assured: Ms Kapoor isn’t going to be swayed by looks or star status alone! She is very much the girl of today, stylish, ambitious yet knows how to have fun. If that doesn’t make her desirable, what does?

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